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Oktoberfest Zinzinnati, held in Cincinnati, Ohio, is the largest Oktoberfest celebration in the US. Held in the 3rd week of September, it attracts over 500, 000 people every year.

Oktoberfest is originally rooted in the Bavarian tradition. The idea of convening a full-fledged beer festival was triggered when, in 1810, at the wedding reception party of the Bavarian Crown Prince Ludwig and Princess Therese of Saxe-Hildburghausen, all the citizens of Munich were invited for royal festivities. This involved a lot of beer. The people enjoyed the festivities so much that it was agreed to hold a beer festival each year. As the German immigrants migrated to the United States, they likewise brought with them this old Bavarian tradition, alongside others.

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Blob’s Park, located in the city of Jessup in Maryland. This was back in 1947. The tradition seemed to spread throughout the length and width of the country like wildfire after this. Today, there are hundreds of Oktoberfests, big and small, held all across the United States, and millions of people participate to celebrate the mighty beer and the sumptuous Bavarian cuisine. We, at Buzzle, have compiled for you, a listing of some of the major upcoming Oktoberfest events in the US, where you can raise your stein and indulge into various German festivities.

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Kitchener’s Oktoberfest is billed as Canada’s Greatest Bavarian Festival. It is actually the largest Bavarian festival held outside of Germany. Although the beer fueled celebrations are the biggest draw for the event, their are other more laid back family activities as well. One of the more popular is the Oktoberfest Thanksgiving parade. This receives national TV coverage.

Germantown has been holding the Oktoberfest celebrations since the last 31 years, and every year, all the issue are paid to the local charities. This is only a day-long event; however, there is a lot in store for the visitors. It features a range of entertainment programs, alongside German beer and tons of food.

For the first hundred years or so, Oktoberfest was fairly tame. In 1818 the tradition of beer and food vendors started. Only small food and drink vendors set up along the fair ground, offering local foods. Other than the horse race, the only entertainment was a carousel and some swings. Over the years, other entertainment was introduced, including dance and music and the horse race was finally stopped.

Leavenworth is the Bavarian village in Washington State. It started hosting the Oktoberfest celebrations from 1998, and from then on, the event has been attracting thousands of Americans as well as foreigners. In 2013, more than 35, 000 people are expected to take part in the festivities.

Oktoberfest Zinzinnati is an outdoor festival that showcases German heritage in Southwestern Ohio. The event has become American’s largest Oktoberfest, with over 500, 000 people celebrating German heritage.

Following are some more Oktoberfest events you may not wish to miss apart from the ones mentioned above.

La Crosse in Wisconsin has been holding the Oktoberfest, USA since the year 1961. It is currently in its 52nd year. It continues to remain on the roster of some of the best Oktoberfests in the US. This is the last year when you can enjoy this nine-day long event. From next year (2014) onwards, this beer party is going to be conducted only for four days.

The decision to repeat the festivities and the horse race the next year led to the tradition of the annual Oktoberfest. The race ran each year until 1819 when the race was called off and instead replaced with beer carts and a carnival like atmosphere. The Leaders of Munich decided that the festival should continue each year without fail and also extended the festivities from a day to 16 days. Since then the festival has been running each year and has only been interrupted due to War, cholera epidemics and the occasional financial hardship.

Oktoberfest expanded year upon year and by the 1870’s mechanical rides and fairground games had been put in place to the festival. There were makeshift beer stalls and stands and these also increased each year until the launch of the beer halls in 1896 which replaced them. In 1908 the festival had expanded further and boasted Germany’s first rollercoaster. Since then the festival has mainly continued in the same pattern with no major introductions, although more rides and different tents have come and gone.

German cuisine, lots of craft beer, live bands, and mind-blowing Hollywood entertainment characterize this Oktoberfest event in the town of Los Angeles. If you haven’t booked the tickets already, there is some bad news?the Tickets have been sold out. But, for those who’ve already booked the tickets, you’re in for a lot of fun.


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