Opinions And Ideas About Exposure To Culture When Travelling

We stay in a world where judgment is passed on you due to your color, people, culture or race, this is the bane of our society that have actually torn us apart rather of uniting us.

I come from a family of enthusiastic travellers who love to know how the other celebration live. These passions for traveling has instructed me a wonderful lesson that I must never evaluate a book by his cover, however rather by his content.

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Also, originating from a country with diverse culture and language it is really simple to presume that the other person would act in a certain method based upon your communication with a few individuals of that culture, but history and traveling have taught me otherwise.

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I get fretted when I hear unfavorable remarks from people about other people or place and my first response is ‘Do You Really Know What You Are Talking About, Have You Interacted With The Persons or people’. It is easy to state something about a subject you know absolutely nothing about based upon your understanding of exactly what you assume that person or place ought to be, which most times is wrong, for no 2 persons or place are the very same.

My journeys and interaction have made me understand the differences in individuals and so, for you to judge a person without connecting with the person is not a reasonable thing. I have actually also fallen victim of this, for already my understanding of the American society is that it is comprised of gun lugging, drug filled society and with individuals who judge you by your color, however having related to numerous American’s have I come to recognize that this is not real. This was possible due to my exposure.

I was likewise stunned in the reason for my travel, when I was asked by an American, if drugs are openly used in Nigeria, due to the few bad eggs who traffic in drugs, and I told the person that he needs to see Nigeria to understand that the large bulk of Nigerian’s do not know the color of the different drugs in the market and that in spite of my education and moves I too do not also know what they resemble. If the person has been exposed to Nigeria, this view would not have occurred.

In the U. S. the space year travel market, nonetheless, is anticipated to grow at a slower pace; the reason being parents has the duty of the morning part of their children’s travel.

When your seat in a place without trying to find out exactly how the other party lives, then the tendency is that you are going to pass the wrong judgement. I advocate that individuals need to discover to travel and interact with other people and culture and thus get to know other individuals and culture and I believe this tension among individuals of different race and culture will be diffused and respect will also be given.

We find out to understand people for who they are and not by exactly what we perceive them to be when we communicate with them and get exposed to their methods, then we are right to pass judgement on that person.


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