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Everyone, when we think about African music, quickly think about percussions and, more in general, about a music characterized by a certain rhythm, however, in fact deep space of African music is much bigger and more diversified, and it is characterized on the one hand by tradition, on the other hand by impacts and developments which have actually taken place through the years.

If you wish to comprehend and find the diversified world of African music, however, also if you want to invest some days listening and dancing to excellent music, you have to go to the Africolor Festival in Paris. The 20th edition of this unique Festival will certainly happen from the 21st November to the 24th December in one of the most multicultural cities in Europe, which is characterized by a high percentage of people coming from the African continent, to provide an evidence of the fact that Africa is not only to be connected with the dangerous suburban areas of Paris or with discriminated immigrants, however it is above all a place rich in culture, which can offer a lot to others, to those who are successful in looking beyond the veil of bias. Among the missions of the festival, undoubtedly, is that of creating a meeting point for various cultures, a place where everyone can be given the possibility of challenging with other individuals, a place where everyone can do not hesitate to know and to make themselves known.

The Edinburgh International Festival provides a different variety of symphonic music, theater, opera and dance events and is among the most important cultural parties to happen on the planet.

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Edinburgh Fringe Festival is the biggest arts festival in the world and presents a medley of theater, funny, dance, street and music entertainers.

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Entertainment comes in all shapes and kinds during the Fringe Festival and the Scottish capital is transformed as performers fill the city’s cobbled streets. The Edinburgh Fringe Festival is host to even more than 31,000 performances, 2000 shows and 18,000 entertainers who amuse even more than 1.5 million people in 250 locations across the city.

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And it is according to this philosophy that for almost 20 years the Festival has actually attempted to be a display of artists coming from the African continent, those artists who have actually enriched our musical universe and who have actually also prospered in expanding our view on the world and in adding something both to our culture and to our stability. Space will certainly therefore be given to vital artists like Kettly No l, Nahawa Doumbia, who because the first edition of the Festival in 1989 has opened the method to the Malian community, and Danyel Waro, who with his long career has actually played a vital role in the festival for 15 years. Nevertheless, Africolor does not only provide area to widely known artists, on the contrary, the Festival is also indicated to be a stepping stone for emerging artists, who are not famous outside Africa yet, like Salif Ke to or Tour Kunda.

All sorts of African music will certainly be commemorated throughout the Festival, and the entire continent, from the Maghreb to the Indian Ocean, will be stood for. Being the Festival defined by an international connotation, and having the event the objective of making people meet, Africolor will certainly also host artists coming from all over the world, who will certainly carry out in different places all around the city.


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