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With the 2010 Winter Games soon to happen in Vancouver, British Columbia there is no better time to advise people of the many intriguing truths that are associated with the Olympic Games. May it be from why there is a flame that is lit at the start of the video games, to the Olympics that were first to be televised. Read on to find out the answers to these concerns and find out many more fun realities about the Olympic Games.

Freestyle Skiing: After being a demonstration game at the Winter Olympics of 1988, it is an official part of the Olympic Games since the 1992 Winter Games.

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Nordic Combined: These occasions belong with the Winter Olympics considering that 1924. It has often been contested as a pair of 2 sports, namely cross-country snowboarding and ski jumping.

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Spyros Samaras made up the famous Olympic Hymn which is played when the Olympic Flag is raised. The IOC proclaimed the main hymn of the Olympics in 1957.

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Russia had a couple of athletes occur in the 1908 and 1912 Olympics, nevertheless, it was not until the 1952 video games that they totally participated.

Greece, where they would light the flame at the beginning of the video games and keep it burning till completion of the games.

The five rings on the Olympic Flag signifies the 5 significant continents. The colors on the rings were selected because a minimum of among the colors could be discovered on every flag of all the nations.