The Brilliance Behind Beaches

Costa Rica has over 800 miles (1,200 km) of coastline on its Pacific and Caribbean coasts. Exactly what sets the beaches of Costa Rica apart is the existence of jungles, mountains and exotic wildlife in its surrounding. Costa Rica is among the greenest countries on the planet. Around 25 % of Costa Rica’s land is committed to national parks, reserves and wildlife refuges.

With almost two-thirds of Costa Rica’s borders being coastline, there are many beaches to explore. You can certainly find an abundance of nature and aquatic life. Costa Rica is a beach fan’s dream, whether you enjoy to gather seashells, go surfing, or just relax, the beaches right here will never disappoint you.

Also called the ‘backpacker’s paradise’, Montezuma lies at the southern end of the Nicoya peninsula. This easygoing beach town is a favorite among surfers, youths, and nature-lovers. Montezuma is a reasonably untouched area of Costa Rica, and is full of alternative thinkers. The whole town screams imagination, right from the regional arts and crafts stalls to the creative beach dining establishments. The beach also has jungle in the area which you can explore. Other attractions consist of yoga and massages on the beach, for the daring types, there are many activities like kayaking, zip-lining and snorkeling. This beach is generally famous for its chilled-out environment and vibrant nightlife. With its dynamic beach, forest waterfalls in the area and the sensational waves, Playa Montezuma is unquestionably one of the coolest beaches in Central America.

Found in the Manuel Antonio National Park, Manuel Antonio is distinct in its area, where the beach satisfies the rich jungles and mountains of Costa Rica. Here, you can discover tropical wildlife like iguanas, sloths, crabs and squirrel monkeys in their natural environment. This combined with white beaches and coral reefs make the beach wonderful and serene. Experiential activities include surfing, kayaking, zip-lining, hiking, and rafting. The crystal-clear water is also ideal for snorkeling. Manuel Antonio has something for everybody and is a one-stop destination with its active nightlife, abundance of water sports, unique wildlife, and the serenity of the Pacific Ocean.

More Random Beaches Thoughts

Beach Inn is located at a fishing harbor in Ayia Napa. With golden sands and moderately calm waters, it is a remarkable location for swimming and sunbathing. This beach draws in a great deal of travelers, because it offers a wide range of water sports and exceptional amenities. There are also a variety of caves around the beach that can be reached by boat, and you can go there to do some snorkeling. Some of the facilities that are available at Pantahou Beach consist of convenience dining establishments, shops, and lifeguards.

The beaches in Paphos are a few of the loveliest in Cyprus. Their great sand, warm waters, and cooling breezes make them the perfect places to spend a relaxing afternoon. Besides beaches, the city of Paphos likewise offers luxury hotels, exceptional day spas, fine restaurants, and a lively night life. It is also located near to lots of fantastic natural tourist attractions, consisting of the Paphos Forest, Akamas Peninsula, and the Troodoos Mountains. If you take a trip a little north of Paphos, you will source Coral Bay, an eight-mile beach that offers great opportunities for water sports.

When you are vacationing in Cyprus, Nissi Beach is another beach that you should not fail to see. It is a lovely beach with gleaming blue-green water and clean golden sands, and its calm water supply the ideal swimming conditions for children. It is one of the favorite beaches among households. Besides sunbathing and swimming, you can likewise prefer a wide range of fascinating activities at the beach, including windsurfing, water-skiing, pedal boating, beach volleyball, and bungee jumping. There is likewise a small uninhabited islet there that can be reached by walking through shallow water. Nissi Beach has every feature that you expect to find at a popular beach, including bars, dining establishments, keepsake stores, and others.

Konnos Beach is situated simply east of Ayia Napa, and it is extensively regarded as among the most beautiful beaches in Cyprus. This beach is well-protected from strong winds, and therefore, it has really calm waters. It is the perfect beach for children since its waters are the shallowest on the island. Mackenzie Beach has all the required features to provide a relaxing, comfy, and safe seaside experience, such as umbrellas, sun beds, lifeguards, dining establishments, and a corner store.

Larnaca is simply a brief drive away from the Larnaca International Airport and the British base Dekelia. It is home to many exceptional beaches, including Finikoudes Beach, Faros Beach, and the regional preferred Mackenzie Beach. Mackenzie Beach has extremely shallow waters, and it is lined with beautiful palm trees. In reality, its name implies “palm trees” in Greek. You should go to Faros Beach if you desire to invest some quiet time by the sea. This attractive beach has a really peaceful environment, and it is the ideal place for sunbathing. Mackenzie Beach is known for its rejuvenating waters and sweet white sand, and it is among the best places to do snorkeling and diving in Cyprus.

The beaches in the Protaras area stretch for miles and miles along the Famagusta shoreline. They have spick-and-span sand and crystal clear waters, and they bring in many beach-goers throughout the weekends. Among the beaches in Protaras that you should go to is the Fig Tree Bay Beach, which is regarded by lots of people as the best beach in Cyprus. Other popular beaches that you will discover in the area are Sirena Bay and Konnon Bay.

Lara Bay is also called Turtle Bay, and it is located in the Arkansas Peninsula, among the few continuing to be wilderness areas that can be found in Cyprus. This horseshoe-shaped beach has a mix of fine sand and rocks, and clear blue waters, and it is among the most remote beaches on the island. The area has very rugged surfaced, and the beach is only accessible by a 4×4 car. Lara Bay is foremost called one of the couple of nesting premises for green turtles and loggerhead turtles in the Mediterranean.

Dominical is a city in the province of Puntarenas in southern Costa Rica. It is understood for its charming beaches, beautiful views and breathtaking surroundings. However, it is best known for its magnificent and spectacular surfing waves. Playa Domical is among the very best surf locations around the world. Dominical also claims to have the most consistent wave in Costa Rica. It sounds like a surfer-only type of beach, you will be pleased to understand that this beach also provides lots of other fun activities such as trekking to neighboring waterfalls, zip-lining, and snorkeling. Dominical likewise boasts an active night life with dynamic clubs and bars. Other activities include whale watching and paddle surfing. Whales are seen along the shoreline 9 months of the year, with humpbacks being the most common ones. This beach can likewise be a retreat for a charming holiday, as it possesses peaceful sunsets and remarkable sunups.

There are 2 beaches called Playa Hermosa in Costa Rica. One is located in the province of Puntarenas, while the other lies in Guanacaste. While the one in Puntarenas is a great surfing destination, Guanacaste’s Playa Hermosa, situated between Playa del Coco and Playa Panama, is understood for its calm brows and untouched beaches. Hermosa, meanings that ‘gorgeous’ in Spanish, is an apt name for the beach thinking about the calm water, gray sand and its rich surroundings. This beach is also the winner of ‘Bandera Azul’ or ‘Blue Flag’, a prize given to beaches that exercise high ecological standards. It is seldom crowded, and is a fantastic getaway for those who wish to simply lay back and prefer the sun. The calm water is perfect for swimming, scuba diving, and snorkeling. Other activities consist of, kayaking, snowboarding and windsurfing. With warm water temperatures and ideal weather all year-long, Playa Hermosa is the perfect haven for those seeking quality relaxation.

Found in Guanacaste, Tamarindo is among the most developed towns in Costa Rica. The awesome surroundings and white beach sand add to its appeal, making it an ideal destination for honeymoons and beach wedding events. While some areas of the beach can be peaceful and peaceful, other locations provide non-stop entertainment which includes, fishing, sailing, surfing, paddle boarding, kayaking, ATV tours, mountain cycling, horseback riding, sunbathing and much more. Another highlight is the abundance of fantastic shopping locations and active bass. Be it surfing, shopping, or just lazing around, Playa Tamarindo has something for everybody, and can be a perfect trip for households. Being a popular tourist destination, Tamarindo likewise offers some of the most elegant hotels and features in Costa Rica.

Costa Rica has nearly 300 beaches along its stunning Pacific and Caribbean shorelines. Every beach is special in its own way. Some are ideal for swimming, and others are fantastic for surfing. Some beaches have soft, fluffy sand, while others have shells and rocks in them. Such variety can just be found in Costa Rica, and it is no surprise that its beaches are ranked amongst the very best on the planet.


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